Water Works Heavy Duty Degreaser is a safe, high performance alternative to hazardous cleaning chemicals. Whether cleaning oil grease, or another organic soil, Heavy Duty Degreaser will easily remove the debris and clean your surface. Because it is developed to replace harsh chemicals you can use it in manual, immersion and ultrasonic parts washing systems.

  • For use in a wide range of industries including: automotive manufacturing, industrial maintenance, machining, mining, and printing

  • Quickly removes grease, crude oil, oils, carbon, ink, and all other organic deposits

  • Contains NO hazardous glycol ethers and is environmentally responsible

  • Does not contain any phosphates, caustics, chlorinated solvents, or silicone to interfere with the new coatings or paint

  • Safe to use in the confined space and is not harmful to the worker

  • Safe to use in an around CNC machines and will not cause coolant fowling or corrosion inhibitor breakdown